Stonearch Sports Foundation.

Building Communities Through Sport


From its first Olympic medal at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, to our current illustrious record of sporting prowess across a great host of sports, it’s easy to concede that The Bahamas has a supernatural talent pool. Notwithstanding our huge successes, Stone Arch Sports Foundation (“The Foundation”) believes that so far, we have only discovered a few gems in the great Bahamian bedrock. If we look a little deeper, we will find plenty more jewels in the rough.

Beyond the evidence of our country’s huge talent pool, The Foundation believes that the healthy growth of communities is evidenced in strong sporting programs and wholesome social interaction. With a strong correlation between an educated and self-sustainable society and sports, the Foundation is fixed on providing at-risk communities with access to a cross-section of sports together with the necessary resources to propagate the next generation of Bahamian talent. We are committed to the holistic development of every student athlete, with sports being the roadmap to professional sporting opportunities for some, and academic opportunities for all. Through the pairing of sports with education, our aim is to level the playing field by creating social, academic and professional opportunities where otherwise circumstances may not permit.